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Questions, answered.

Mr DeNardo over at SF Signal is asking questions again. This time it’s about what to give the geek/nerd in your life for Christmas/insert holiday of choice here. People answering include, but are not restricted to, Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Martha Wells, Jeff VanderMeer and moi.

Go here for geeky giftly goodness.

For the record: I still want an otter.

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The Minimally Facetious Drive-by: Mike Resnick

The Resnick is a science fiction creature, displaying a propensity for accumulating Hugos and Nebulas. Has a marked fondness for cheese blintzes and half to three-quarter naked pirate queens. His publication list must be viewed to be believed and may cause the expression “Holy snapping ducksh*t” to exit the
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Continuing the Ticonderoga Publications theme …

Well, huzzah!


Ticonderoga Publications is over the moon to announce a forthcoming collection of stories by Campbell-Award nominated and International Bright Young Thing Lezli Robyn.

The collection is scheduled for publication in 2012.

Lezli Robyn is an Aussie Lass who has very recently discovered a love for writing fiction. She has sold 9 stories since October 2008
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Drive-by from the Campbell: Lezli Robyn

Yes! Lezli is our Aussie nom-nom-nominee for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer! Fingers crossed for AussieCon 4! Her qualifying story is Idle Roomer, written with the legendary Mike Resnick for Clarkesworld. She was an Aurealis Awards finalist in
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