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The Realm Recommends …

… over at The Realm I recommend five books!

This is one of those books I discovered back in the old days when I was a sixteen year old checkout chick at Woolies and grocery stores used to have remainder bins (do not
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Metropolitan Magic – Part Two

MagicCity-300Seeing Eye • Patricia Briggs

The doorbell rang.

That was the problem with her business. Too many people thought that they could approach her at any time. Even oh dark thirty even though her hours were posted clearly on her door and on
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Magic City: Recent Spells edited by Paula Guran

MagicCity-300New anthology from Prime!

Magic City: Recent Spells has a cracking ToC.

“Paranormal Romance,” Christopher Barzak “The Slaughtered Lamb,” Elizabeth Bear “The Land of Heart’s Desire,” Holly Black “Seeing Eye,” Patricia Briggs “De la Tierra,” Emma Bull “Curses,” Jim Butcher
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A bit like re-gifting, yes. Here’s a re-post of my piece on Place as Person, which  originally appeared over at the lovely Mary Victoria’s place.

Place as person: Location, Location, Location!

An essential ingredient of story is the
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Meanwhile, over at SF Signal: The Dream Anthology

The delightful John DeNardo at SF Signal asked a few people to pick and choose for their dream anthology, citing what you’d choose and why. The answers were so big, they had to split the post in two.

Mine is here, as is that of Nancy Kress (hallowed be her name), Violet
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FanGirl Moment

My pal Marshall Payne interviewed Nancy Kress at the Nebulas.

I heart Nancy Kress – she gives awesome writerly advice over here http://www.sff.net/people/nankress/ and she’s also responsible for one of my favourite books, The White Pipes.

“Act One,” your novella on the final ballot for the Nebula Award for 2010 , is a story of genetic engineering in the near future. What was
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Reasons to Love Nancy Kress

1. The White Pipes is one of my favourite books.

2. She writes about writing in a way that’s clever yet accessible; erudite yet appealing. And just damned practical and down-to-earth.

Here she blogs about the discipline of writing – i.e. the application of the backside to the chair and the fingers to the keys. It’s a useful read because sometimes we all
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Random Unfinished Thought – On Whether Characters Need to be 'Liked'

Do my characters have to be ‘likeable’?

Having had a couple of short story rejections this week (which is a designated taking-time-off-work-and-writing-like-a-caffeinated-monkey week), this is something I’ve been pondering. One of the rejections said “We didn’t like the main character”. This started me thinking about the received wisdom of readers needing to like your characters. (Admittedly, it also caused me to make
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Nancy Kress

The legendary Nancy Kress says useful things over here http://nancykress.blogspot.com/2009/02/writing-mistakes.html about common writing mistakes. It’s always helpful, as writer, to remind yourself of First Principles now and again … coz the moment you think you know it all … you don’t.