Reasons to Love Nancy Kress

1. The White Pipes is one of my favourite books.

2. She writes about writing in a way that’s clever yet accessible; erudite yet appealing. And just damned practical and down-to-earth.

Here she blogs about the discipline of writing – i.e. the application of the backside to the chair and the fingers to the keys. It’s a useful read because sometimes we all forget the basics – like, in order to finish a book or story we need to (a) start it in the first place and (b) keep putting the words on the page.

“Writing gets accomplished in different ways. As long as the words end up on the page, it doesn’t matter how they get there. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. However, what I’ve found is that some ways of getting words there are more efficient, less painful, and more fun than other ways.” 

The rest lives here

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4 Responses to Reasons to Love Nancy Kress

  1. Cat Sparks says:

    I love her fiction.

  2. Ben Payne says:

    One of my favourite short story writers ever! But haven’t read any of her novels yet.

  3. Mack says:

    Thanks for the post on Nancy Kress! That was a good column.

    My biggest writing oddity is that I have trouble writing when I’m not online and multitasking. I have ADHD; I’m strange that way. 🙂

    (And lately, no home Internet — to save money for fixing my car — has cut into my writing time.)

    Maybe I should change my writing requirements.


  4. angelaslatter says:

    I’m thinking about moving my study – the old room has now become a bit stale creatively, so I think need to move around a bit.