Grab your dictionary and read this

Mr Mieville again at Omnivoracious – Neither a Contract Nor a Promise: Five Movements To Watch Out For – I like to sit with my Oxford Concise close at hand whenever I read a Mieville-esque piece. No one else makes me feel quite so much like Ralph Wiggam and I often mumble to myself  ‘I have a cat called Mittens’, whilst mid-Mieville. On the really big words I may come out with ‘My boyfriend is tall.’ *tilts head, blinks*

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4 Responses to Grab your dictionary and read this

  1. Flinthart says:

    My! That’s a vocabulary indeed. He had me at lapsarian and, sadly, it took me a while to recall teleological…

  2. Jason Fischer says:

    I heard your dad went into the restaurant
    and he ate all the food in the restaurant
    and then they had to close the restarant

    go banana!

    I’m Idaho!

  3. angelaslatter says:

    I choo-choo-choose you.

  4. angelaslatter says:

    I have a cat called MIttens.