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The Grim Stick

One of the things I do with my day is look over synopses for other people. Spec-fic ones, crime ones, chick-lit ones, non-fic ones, literary ones – you name it, I can flense it.

Something I’ve become especially aware of in the past couple of months is that literary novels in particular tend to have synopses that
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Cover Letter Fail

German quizzes every Tuesday and Thursday have left me in despair!!!

Because, apparently, I committed many and grave sins in a former life, I receive things like this in the mail.

A cover letter and a manuscript, even though I am not a publisher, nor do I work for a publisher, nor is there any
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On Self-Publishing

On Self-Publishing

I get a lot of questions in my day job about self-publishing. People increasingly see it as a means of getting around the traditional big publishing companies. In a lot of cases it can mean taking advantage of technology to get your book out there. You may go to a print outlet
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Is the Publisher Always Right? Part Deux

Sometimes when I have a thought it dies of loneliness. Just like when I posted Q. Is the Publisher Always Right? some time ago. So, calling this ‘Part Deux’ may be over-stating things a bit seeing as how there wasn’t really much to the first post. *sigh*

What originally started me on the train of thought was contemplating the tension between a
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Q: Is the publisher always right?

I don’t know. I’m still thinking about this. More to come …

A Note on Submission Guidelines

Two of my very dear friends run a small but respectable publishing company. We catch up for dinner and they regale me with tales of writers who, instead of writing a one page cover letter, will write a five page letter about why the submission guidelines don’t apply to her/him. I always think this is an interesting choice.

Perhaps people get confused by the
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