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The Starlit Wood: Seanan McGuire

Today the prolific and generally amazing Seanan McGuire talks about “In the Desert Like a Bone”, her story in The Starlit Wood.

1. What was the inspiration for your story in The Starlit Wood?

I used to work in coyote rescue,
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Brisbane Festival Panel: SNOW WHITE & THE LITTLE MERMAID

BFSo tomorrow I’ll be taking part in a Brisbane Festival panel about fairy tale heroines, specifically Snow White and the Little Mermaid.

Suzie Miller (Playwright), Amanda Slack-Smith (Associate Curator, QAGoMA) and I will be chatting with moderator Lindy Hume (OQ) about these old favourites and how they do or don’t fit into
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Tanith Lee: Open Your Window, Golden Hair

FT1Tanith Lee is one of the finest writers you could ever have the joy of reading. Her accolades and achievements are legion – and you can read about them here in the Lair of the Evil Drs
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The Chosen Girl – Happily Never After

This is a little something extracted from my Masters thesis, Black-Winged Angels: Theoretical Underpinnings (which is a collection of nine reloaded fairytales and an accompanying exegesis). It’s just lying around, so why not post it here? Complete with dodgy bibliography
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