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The Sourdough Posts: Sister, Sister

sourdough-under-180x300“Sister, Sister” has its roots in my childhood: one of the books we had to read was an old collection of my mother’s, called Norwegian Folk Tales. I suspect it was an old book when Mum first got it as a kid, it was
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The Knowledgeable Drive-by: Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker is one half of the fabulous Tartarus Press, which produces very beautiful books. She’s also an author in her own right and the author of the very lovely and subtly disturbing The Old Knowledge
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And over at BookGeeks

A v nice review of Strange Tales III:

I will mention first the three stories which struck me as really outstanding. Nina Allan’s The Lammas Worm is an extraordinary piece told in an exceptionally captivating narrative style, revolving around old unwholesome myths and featuring a weird girl who joins a circus company, bringing  about trouble and tragedy.  Sanctuary Run by Daniel
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A Christmas Squeeeeeeeeeee!

Just wandered out to the front of the house to find a parcel waiting there. Quickly torn open, it revealed this:

Thank you, lovely, lovely Tartarus Press :-). Strange Tales III is another beautiful artefact, with awesome stories. And one of mine. 🙂


Let the Charm Offensive Begin

And anyone who knows me will tell you how offensive I can be … but also charming, when I put my mind to it. What is rare is wonderful …

However, it’s not really a charm offensive and it’s not really about me … I just really liked the title … of course, I have a headache so my taste could
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From lovely, lovely Tartarus Press, the ToC for Strange Tales III:

25th August 2009: We are pleased to be able to announce the line-up for Strange Tales III, which is due to be published in November:

 ‘Sanctuary Run’ – Daniel Mills

‘The Lammas Worm’ – Nina Allan

‘Morpheus House’
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