The Knowledgeable Drive-by: Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker is one half of the fabulous Tartarus Press, which produces very beautiful books. She’s also an author in her own right and the author of the very lovely and subtly disturbing The Old Knowledge and Other Strange Tales (Swan River Press). Her short stories have appeared in publications such as Supernatural Tales, The Fifth Black Book of Horror, and The Mammoth Book of New Horror #21. As an editor, she has won a World Fantasy Award for the original Strange Tales anthology and, with partner Ray Russell, won a Bram Stoker for Best Specialty Press.


1. You must choose: writing or publishing?
Hmmm. Maybe I’d go back to what I used to do for a living – being an archaeologist – and write in my spare time. But then again, there is nothing quite like discovering a new writer and putting their work out there. I couldn’t be a full-time writer; I’m too insecure. I can’t decide.

2. You get to be your favourite character for a day – where do you go, what do you do and who do you choose as your companion?
I’d be Tristram Shandy and I’d go to Alton Towers (a big theme park with lots of rides) with Anthony Blanche from Brideshead Revisted.

3. You’ve won a World Fantasy Award for Strange Tales and also a Stoker for Tartarus Press. How did you celebtrate?
For the World Fantasy Award we had a party for the contributing authors. For the Stoker, which was a more general award, a sense of quiet satisfaction and a few glasses of cava sufficed. Seriously, it’s nice to be recognised for what you do.

4. In a perfect world, the punishment for a difficult author would be …
… to have their book published exactly as submitted (and not by Tartarus)!

5. Donuts (or doughnuts) or danishes?
Definitely danishes.

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