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Bitterwood Bible paperback!

bbible12The paperback edition of the World Fantasy Award-winning The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings is now available!

Head over to Tartarus Press to purchase this lovely thing with illustrations by Kathleen Jennings, an Introduction by Stephen Jones, and an
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Aaaaaannnnnd ….

Bitterwood_0004_Layer 29… the Bitterwood giveaway is at last open! Spread the word

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Goodreads Giveaway: The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

bitterwood-bible-cover-200x300To celebrate the out-of-printness of the World Fantasy  Award-winning The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings, I’m giving away a last limited edition hardcover over at Goodreads.

Go here to enter.

Bitterwood first edition out of print!

bitterwood-bible-cover-200x300Well, that’s it. The beautiful hardcover limited edition of  BitterwoodCardBitterwood has sold out. You might find copies with a few
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Black Static 49

882_largeNot only does the most excellent Black Static issue 49 contain wonderful dark fiction by (among others) Thana Niveau, Simon Bestwick, and Erinn L. Kemper, but also a most kind review by Peter Tennant of The Bitterwood Bible
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The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings …

bitterwood-bible-cover-200x300… so Tartarus Press have about 100 copies of the limited edition hardcover of the WFA-winning The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings … next year will see the release of a paperback version … but if you love artefact books now would be
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Worldbuilding in the Sourdough Universe

Slatter-Jennings02So, today is the actual book day for Of Sorrow and Such in the US. I celebrated early, then while I was sleeping the book was born! Easiest. Birth. Ever.

Over at Tor.com I talk about the building of the world
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And this, and this …

Bitterwood_0001_Layer 32Bitterwood_0004_Layer 29

A New Experiment …

… with Kathleen Jennings … a series of cards with some of the Bitterwood illustrations on them (my favourites) … we’ll see how they go …

“I herewith attach a badger for your approval.”BitterwoodCard

The Newtown Review of Books: The Bitterwood Bible

Lisa's photo

Lisa’s photo

Lou Murphy has reviewed The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings for The Newtown Review of Books and it is quite, quite humbling.

“The Bitterwood Bible is a masterful offering of haunting stories that traverse the bounds of
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