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Really good advice from Sarah Pinborough

Great and simple advice from Brit Sarah P. My favourite bit?

This one:

1 – Don’t waste time on envy. You’re only in competition with yourself. It’s a long road and just use others’ successes to inspire you or make you raise
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So, Torchwood is saving the World from Aliens – Who’s saving us from Torchwood?

Charlie's Angels still did it better

Contains spoilers: avert thine eyes.

And so, up until last week – i.e. up to and including episode five of Torchwood: Miracle Day, I was enjoying the series immensely.

It was tightly written, no screamingly noticeable plot
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Favourite image this week

We watched Torchwood: Miracle Day the other night and it contained my fave image in a long, long time:

Gwen Cooper, Warrior Mum, fully equipped with a look that says ‘You’re endangering my child and pissing me off. That you continue
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