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Tuesday Therapy: Courage

Over at the Hannettorium, the lovely Julie Czernada talks about courageous writing.

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And in Tuesday Therapy …

Foz Meadows talks about What Happens Next.

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Tuesday Therapy: Five Unrealistic Steps

Over at the Hannettorium Kim Falconer talks sense!

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Tuesday Therapy at the Hannettorium

Joanne Anderton talks disconnecting over here.

Reign of Tansy: Tuesday Therapy

Meanwhile, over at the Hannettorium …

… the delightful and terribly clever Dr Tansy Rayner Roberts talks small goals.


In today’s Tuesday Therapy: Cat Sparks

Over at the Hannettorium, Cat talks zone and rhythym.

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Tuesday’s Hannettorium

Today Lisa chats with the disturbing Deb Biancotti on running.

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Tuesday at the Hannettorium

The delightful Kaaron Warren gets zen over at Lisa’s Tuesday Therapy.

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Truly belated Tuesday

Here is the is the Tuesday Therapy … Margo Lanagan over at the Hannettorium on cooking.

Here‘s t’is.

Belatedly, Tuesday

Jason Fischer talks about magpies over at the Hannettorium’s Tuesday Therapy session.

T’is here.