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Who’s Afraid Too?: Maria Lewis

Photo by Alex Adsett

Photo by Alex Adsett

Maria Lewis got her start covering police rounds in a newsroom as a teenager and has been working as a professional journalist for the past 10 years. Making the switch from writing about murders to
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Special Happy Birthday Shout-out

To Lynda Carter, AKA Wonder Woman.

She had a career, great hair and bought her own jewellery.

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The Midnight Tuber Drive-by: Ben Payne

Ben Payne does stuff … lots of stuff. He writes, he edits, reads huge amounts of readable material, he critiques, he holds down a day job. Clearly, he has not enough to do.

He has been responsible for Dog versus Sandwich and Midnight Tuber, he has partaken in Twelfth Planet
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The Morning Drive-by Most Definite: Trent Jamieson

Trent Jamieson is nice … a little too nice … don’t be fooled. Behind that innocent, mild, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth face, he’s really … actually, he’s really nice. And his Death Works trilogy, beginning with Death Most Definite, is coming out under the auspices of Orbit in August. He’s published a nose-bleedingly large
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