The Midnight Tuber Drive-by: Ben Payne

Ben Payne does stuff … lots of stuff. He writes, he edits, reads huge amounts of readable material, he critiques, he holds down a day job. Clearly, he has not enough to do.

He has been responsible for Dog versus Sandwich and Midnight Tuber, he has partaken in Twelfth Planet Press projects and he believes, controversially, that Frankenstein would defeat Wonder Woman. Oh, and Shiny, don’t forget Shiny.

1. Frankenstein -v- Wonder Woman: discuss.
Frankenstein is a laugh-out-loud funny novel. I am sure it all made perfect sense at the time. I have never read a Wonder Woman comic and cannot conceive of any way I could purchase one without looking like a strange old man, so I’m resigned to the fact that whatever artistic merit it contains will be denied to me until somebody draws her some pants. So Frankenstein. Although to me Frankenstein will always at least partly be the big green kind of Frankenstein from Groovy Ghoulies.

2. You can only choose editing or writing: which one wins?
Writing. Editing is merely the public service through which I try to make good for the sins of my dubious scrawl.

3. What should be added to every story?
A talking animal which explains the moral. Some stories are very difficult to understand and I don’t know why more authors don’t make use of this simple, convenient and endlessly applicable device. No amount of metaphor or allusion can replace a concise diatribe from a grouse.

4. You get to be invisible for one day. What do you do?
Become firstly manically puffed up by my new powers, then dramatically paranoid as to how many people have already been invisible before me, and freeze into a panic of immobility, wasting most of my day of invisibility. Then I would scare a donkey.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Danish donuts!!

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