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At the moment I am enjoying …

… the rather glorious prose of Eugie Foster … Returning My Sister’s Face is awesome. Thank you to BDC, whose gift it was.

Here's a cartoon I can get behind

Courtesy of my fave Apocalpse advocate, Jason Fischer*. Nice to see no sign of Scrappy – reckon he would have made an excellent stew.

* Note: he also believes Puffins will soon take over the world.

Hit the ZOMG Button!

This was one of my fave books when it came out – it was set in Brisneyland and it was creepy. I’ve had 3 copies of it and have leant them all out and never seen the damned things again.

I will be getting one of these and NO ONE is borrowing it. NO ONE!


Australian musician
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I'm not someone who plays computer games …

… but quite frankly this review (recently pointed out to me by *someone who does*) is almost enough to make me start … or maybe I should just listen to more reviews like this.

Language and lack’o’political correctness warning …

Word from the Indie Press

Charles Tan, the Bibliophile Stalker (the only good stalker is a bibliophile stalker – no, really) interviews Alisa Krasnostein, Guiding Goddess of Aussie indie Twelfth Planet Press, over here

Writers who want to be informed will read this … take responsibility for your career and expand your knowledge of the industry!

Sigh of Disappointment

I got a copy of Joe Hill’s Horns in the mail the other day (great cover). It’s the first thing I’ve read of his and I was looking forward to it … on the upside, I think he’s a better writer than his dad … on the downside, on about p.5 I
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Pondering …

… the idea of self-promotion, something with which a lot of writers are quite uncomfortable.

I’ve just finished writing an article for the next edition of the Australian Writer’s Marketplace on finding a literary agent … one of the points I put in there was ‘Write first, agent second’.



If you’re approaching a literary agent, you need to have a product
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Rumblings from Hogetown

Reason # 297 why Rob Hoge is one of my favourite stirrers. I understand his passion – there’s a tiara at stake.

People, it’s time we made the John W Campbell Award into more than just award for new writing talent from North America.

The John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer has been awarded 37 times since it started in
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Errr, I appear to be …

… eligible for the Campbell 

This is the awesome Mary Robinette Kowal receiving the award – in her glorious vintage dress – in 2008

There is voting required, it seems, and requirements for voting so check things out on the website … should you feel so inclined :-).

The 2010 Australian Specfic Snapshot is Occuring as We Speak

 (Thank you, Lolcats)

I answer questions over here for the redoubtable Girlie Jones

Other far more interesting people like Karen Miller, Lisa Hannett, Peter M Ball and Garth Nix answer questions over here: