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Both distressing and depressing

I’ve run the gamut of emotions about this – most of them elicited profanity.

Why take away a magazine from a super successful editor?

File this under WTF.


A Very Good Cause

Over at my mate Peter M. Ball’s site, he’s posted about his sister Sally.

Sally is walking to raise funds for Parkinsons Queensland.

As Pete points out: Parkinsons sucks. Both our families have been struck by it.

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The Forgotten Books Drive-by: Rjurik Davidson

During the day, mild-mannered Rjurik Davidson lives in the guise of Associate Editor of Overland magazine. During the deepest watches of the night, he writes … short stories, essays, screenplays and reviews. Also, apparently, a novel (huzzah!):
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The things you hear …

… I was out at Uni to attend a very interesting seminar on Fictocriticism (thanks, Drs Donna and Vivienne), and I walked past the Woolies. The population of the KG campus is an interesting mix to
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Interesting post over at

Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in the new Snow White flick

From Emma Mustich over at talks to the legendary Jack Zipes regarding the latest crop of fairy tale-inspired films. Be nice if
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The Bluegrass Symphony has had a bottle of champers broken over it and is officially launched. Lovely intro by Russell B. Farr, truly glorious speech from the delightful Sean Williams, and a wondrous reading by the author herself, Miz Lisa L Hannett (and her awesome red boots). Great night had by all. Included the final pic to show that I
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Another nice surprise …

First advance author copies of the very lovely The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2010, edited by Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene. Publisher Russ had them stashed away and then handed them over to the kids in the candy store last night.

Added: Liz and Talie’s recommended reading list is here – I got 3 mentions, as did Brain, Felicity
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The Sad, Dark Drive-by: Michael Marshall Smith

MMS on the left, Stephen Jones (our mutual editor) on ze right

Michael Marshall Smith writes thrillers under the nom de plume of Michael Marshall – including the international best sellers The Straw Men and The Lonely Dead.
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Cold Feet in Adelaide

So, my feet were frozen last night and I figured ‘I’m not going to have cold feet for another 4 days, so I will find the cheapest, crappiest slippers I can find and have warm feet.’

And lo and behold I found these – I look like a tie-dyed Yeti. I may even wear them to the Bluegrass launch.

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Can’t get to the Bluegrass Symphony launch?

No worries – you can get a copy right here.

And you really should get a copy, you know.

T’is Lisa L Hannett’s debut collection and it doth rock.