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On Being a Writer – Kat Howard

Wonderful post from Kat Howard:

On being a writer

My students know that I write. So even though I don’t teach any creative writing courses, there are usually a handful of students from each class every semester who come and talk to
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Xoum, Xoum, Xoum

Sorry, couldn’t resist. But look!

Two new titles from the punchy digital press Xoum.

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Hey, Katinka, it’s a bake-off

So, the Queensland Writers Centre is a’bubble, a’tremble, a’simmer with news of a bake-off.

A charity bake-off:

From November 15-30, QWC invades the kitchen for the first QWC bake-off in support of International Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

Go here to donate.
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The Next Big Thing

Welcome to my edition of The Next Big Thing, which is a chain of book and author recommendations – so far luminaries like Sarah Pinborough, Paul Magrs, and Adam Nevill. One author tags five others, who then each
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Remember why you fear Robert Shearman

In today’s mail, Rob Shearman’s wonderfully dark and disturbing new collection, Remember Why You Fear Me.

An excellent offering from the lovely folk at Chizine, and with an Introduction by Mr Stephen Jones.

Dear Teen Staff at Woolies (Toowong)

Dear Teen Staff at Woolies (Toowong),

I, too, was a checkout chick – for three years (the last two of high school and the first of uni). Yes, it was boring, but it taught me patience – well, to live a
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Death and the Cat

Goldeen Ogawa

This has made my day.

Death and the Cat prints by the very talented Goldeen Ogawa.

Go here to order.

Mmmmm, Jagannath

Short stories.

Weird short stories.

Karin Tidbeck‘s weird short stories.

Karen Tidbeck’s Swedish weird short stories from Cheeky Frawg.

Go here and add it to your collection of bookish items.

That is all.

Once Upon a Time …

Kay Nielsen’s lovely art

… there was a girl who went to the Police Academy. Oh, no, wait. That’s Charlie’s Angels.

Once upon a time, I did a PhD. Now, a year down the track, I’ve actually been able to read the
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Notions Unlimited trailer. That is all.


And then, Melbournites, go here:

Shop 9, Chelsea Beach Arcade 426 Nepean Highway Chelsea, Vic, Australia 3196