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I do believe …

… today requires an otter. Mr Burns Otter steepling paws.

And, hey, why not Sneaky Otter is sneaking?

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Stuff I do

I’ve taken to walking around the park in the morning – in the interests of removing (in a non-surgical manner) the 20kg I managed to put on during 2011 whilst finishing the PhDoom. Also, to simply get some degree of
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Again, art blast

Another Chrissy Ellsworth piece, the cover for Shimmer‘s issue 4, 2006.

Illustrating my story “Bluebeard”, in that issue.

For today …

… a rational cat.

Today …

… is back-at-the-novel-day.

It’s also, coincidentally, the first quiet day I’ve had in the two weeks since the British Fantasy Awards were announced. I’ve spent large chunks of that time talking about myself – which is not my usual setting and,
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As I work …

… I’m listening to this, which is Jason Nahrung and Kirstyn McDermott talking about gothic stuff, horror, writing, and reading with one’s ears.

Coincidentally, they’re two of my favourite gothic-flavoured writerly folks.


Thanks, Joy 94.9 FM.

It’s that kind of day

Revisiting childhood

Last night I ordered one of my favourite books from childhood, Joan Aiken’s The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

I read this when we lived out at Longreach and I was about nine … it was an incredible read for a kid
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Vale the Pink Flamingo

My beloved laptop, the Pink Flamingo, has gone to the great tech graveyard in the sky. I had her since 2008 and she has served me well, producing two short story collections (Sourdough and Other Stories, The
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It’s just that kind of day