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Powerful What-ifs: Kim Newman’s Red Reign

torOver at Tor.com I talk about Kim Newman’s Red Reign and all the things I learned from it.

As both a writer and reader I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always learned the most from the books I’ve hated on first reading. Sometimes
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Horrorology Interviews: Kim Newman

kim newman

Kim Newman is one of my favourite writers; I do like to think of him as the Dandy Highway Man of Horror. He is, among other things, a superb writer, a perceptive critic, and an inveterate wearer of cravats.

What was the inspiration for your Horrorology tale “Guignol”?

I think they’re
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Drive-by from the Diogenes Club: Kim Newman

Kim Newman is an amazing writer of both fiction and non-fiction as well as a commentator on all things horror, fantasy and science fiction’ish. He’s an expert on Dracula and his bloodsucking kin, a scriptwriter, a director and, let’s face it, a dandy of awesome sartorial heft. 

His awards include, but are
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