Drive-by from the Diogenes Club: Kim Newman

Kim Newman is an amazing writer of both fiction and non-fiction as well as a commentator on all things horror, fantasy and science fiction’ish. He’s an expert on Dracula and his bloodsucking kin, a scriptwriter, a director and, let’s face it, a dandy of awesome sartorial heft. 

His awards include, but are not restricted to, a Bram Stoker, an International Horror Guild Award, a British Fantasy Award, a British Science Fiction Award. If you haven’t read Red Reign, or The Man from the Diogenes Club, or The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club … or indeed anything he’s written, then kindly go and correct this omission forthwith. Off you go, we’ll wait.

Okay, now they’ve gone … here are the stray questions Mr Newman was kind enough to answer.

1. Christopher Lee: best screen vampire ever – discuss.
He’s in my top five, with Max Schreck, Delphine Seyrig, Lina Leandersson and Mariclare Costello.

2. Anno Dracula came from …
A footnote in an extended essay on turn of the century apocalyptic literature I wrote for a course called Late Victorian Revolt at the University of Sussex in 1979.

3. A story can always be improved by the removal of …
Excess words. Except sometimes, when prolixity is the point.

4. The best Hammer Horror Heroine was …
Angharad Rees in Hands of the Ripper. And, having worked with her, she’s just as lovely in person and didn’t stick hatpins into anyone. Unlike some other scream queens.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Ah, we call them doughnuts here. My favoured pastry is Pains aux Raisins*, which I get from the cafe on the corner in Islington. I understand the cafe gets them from Belgium.

His official website is here.

* There is no truth to the rumour that he keeps China Miéville at bay with the raisins. Okay, I started the rumour.

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2 Responses to Drive-by from the Diogenes Club: Kim Newman

  1. Paul D. Brazill says:

    Great stuff. Mr N is a splendid writer.