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Halloween #3: (Vaguely) Witchy Things I’ve Written That You Can Read for Free

Artwork by Kathleen Jennings for The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

Right, so some more Samhain love: links to (Vaguely) Witchy Things I’ve Written That You Can Read for Free.

Thank you to all the wonderful publishers who’ve loved these stories and sent them
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Restoration reviews

Grabs from the first couple of Goodreads reviews of Restoration – thanks to Paromjit and Imogene respectively. <3

1. Angela Slatter writes a bewitchingly compelling addition to this series. Her greatest strengths are her witty and humorous writing style
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ARC! ARC in my hands …

arcofthevigilant… albeit briefly.

I met with the delightful Sean and Kathie from Hachette yesterday to talk about Vigil and bookstores and appearances and stuff.

Sean had an ARC with him and I got to pat it it and cuddle it before I had to hand it back so it could be used to seduce
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New Work: Corpselight

Source: http://www.fairyist.com/fairy-sightings/joshua-coslet-meets-the-corpse-candle-carmarthenshire/

Source: http://www.fairyist.com/fairy-sightings/joshua-coslet-meets-the-corpse-candle-carmarthenshire/

We, now that the final tweaks are on Vigil and it’s off on its journey, there’s no reason not to start writing the sequel. Corpselight is the second of the Verity Fassbinder books. The first draft of the opening is
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Over at Lightspeed Magazine

… my story “Brisneyland by Night” is available to read for free, along with an interview. Go here.

Also: subscribe! You know you want to and it’s good for your karma.

Lightspeed Magazine

lightspeed_39_august_2013Issue 39 of Lightspeed is now available here. It contains all sorts of goodies, including a reprint of my story “Brisneyland by Night.”

Yes, I am still here …

The Scream by Munch

The Scream by Munch

… you can hear me breathing and no, not in a creepy phonecall kind of way.

Having returned from the whirlwind of Conflux in Canberra, barely escaping mummification by the hotel’s heating system (BTW: if you need somewhere
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Reminding myself constantly …

… of this.

Working on the second half of the novel (now known as Hallowmass instead of Brisneyland by Night) the last four days and it feels like banging my head on the wall. I have to keep
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And so, back to the novel

Back to editing the first half of Brisneyland by Night today. To remind myself what it’s about, here is the opening:

Brisneyland by Night

‘How many kids now?’ I asked.

‘Twenty-five we can identify for sure. But that’s out of a couple
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Today …

… is back-at-the-novel-day.

It’s also, coincidentally, the first quiet day I’ve had in the two weeks since the British Fantasy Awards were announced. I’ve spent large chunks of that time talking about myself – which is not my usual setting and,
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