Restoration reviews

Grabs from the first couple of Goodreads reviews of Restoration – thanks to Paromjit and Imogene respectively. <3

1. Angela Slatter writes a bewitchingly compelling addition to this series. Her greatest strengths are her witty and humorous writing style and the fabulous and charismatic central character of Verity, with her inordinate ability to upset those around her, but blessed with a close coterie of friends and allies she can rely on, particularly the gifted Norn sisters running their Little Venice cafe. Slatter has created a world and characters that I have become fond of, and which has me looking forward with marked anticipation to the next in the series. Highly recommended! Many thanks to Quercus for an ARC.

2. Disclosure disclosed, OH EM GEE!

I loved Vigil and Corpselight, and I unashamedly recommend them to all urban fantasy/ kick ass protagonist readers in my book store.

However….have you ever had that moment with an author where you realise that they have been laying the seeds, the throwaway lines, the unimportant mentions, the minor characters just so that they could make them all an integral part of a gigantic, amazing, mind-blowing stupendous storyline that will culminate in ways you never dreamed of? No?

Well, you’re about to.

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