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And so, no, I do not have a Ditmar :-D

Last night’s phone call from Pete, saying I had a Ditmar made my spidey senses tingle with wrongness and I thought ‘wind-up’.

In the end not quite, but rather drunken confusion from others that ‘nominated’ meant ‘won’. (Not Pete’s fault – he did indeed win a well-deserved Ditmar for Horn). So much laughter and derision this morn – and Cat Sparks
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Catherynne Valente – Rules for Editing

Via the Bibliophile Stalker, this from Catherynne Valente (she of Palimpsest fame)  made me laugh and nod … this is my favourite line, but I’d suggest reading the whole damned thing:

I cannot begin to understand the logic that says: BORING STUFF UP FRONT, AWESOME TO THE BACK.


Locus Awards

Yes, I’m behind (as always – why do you look so surprised?), but below’s the list of the 2010 Locus Awards Finalists. Some great names there (very happy to see Mary Robinette Kowal there!), but what I’m really looking forward to is the showdown between Mieville’s The City & The City and VanderMeer’s Finch … I have it on good authority there
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