Catherynne Valente – Rules for Editing

Via the Bibliophile Stalker, this from Catherynne Valente (she of Palimpsest fame)  made me laugh and nod … this is my favourite line, but I’d suggest reading the whole damned thing:

I cannot begin to understand the logic that says: BORING STUFF UP FRONT, AWESOME TO THE BACK.

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6 Responses to Catherynne Valente – Rules for Editing

  1. Jason Fischer says:

    “by the time the ghostpigs are shredding on diamond-crusted twelve-necked bone-guitars, at least people are like: I trust something supersweet is on its way because this author can clearly write.”

    Um…did I write this column and not realise? This reads like something that bubbled up from my hindbrain. And totally like a dream I had. Ghostpigs, motherfuckers.

  2. Hell, yes, but the ghostpig is in the details. What’s awesome to you might be boring to someone else. Hence the value of multiple readers, resubmission, and being prepared that you might just be wrong sometimes.

    By “you”, I mean “me”. I get this wrong so often I sometimes don’t notice when I get it right. Gah!

  3. angelaslatter says:

    I always trust a man in a fez … well, unless he’s in Austin Powers … were you in Austin Powers?

  4. angelaslatter says:

    Wasn’t that your first novel? Ghostpigs meet Elephants on Mars and have drinks with undead camels??

  5. Jason Fischer says:

    Oh, you’re referring to “Spectral Space Pork: Love in the Age of Martian Pachyderms”

  6. angelaslatter says:

    That’s the one.