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The Flensing Factory Re-opens

So, the Flensing Factory is open once more, with different offerings. 

Click for details.

Competitions, Crafting Through Critiquing, and the Short Story: Some Notes

Art by Kathleen Jennings

This is another redux article ( I wrote the original version for The Australian Writer’s Marketplace back in the mists of time).

Competitions, Crafting Through Critiquing, and the Short Story

I’m often asked how to win short
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On the Importance of Being Edited

Art by Kathleen Jennings

Approximately 142 years ago, I wrote this as a guest post over at the web-place of Mr Mark Barnes. It appears here now as it’s wandered home, somewhat drunk, and can’t
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The Flensing Factory …

The Flensing Factory is open once again, operating at full capacity.

All the flensing, all the time.

Bring me your novels, your short stories, and pay me because I offer a very valuable service!

Contact me at me@angelaslatter.com

The Flensing Factory

Just a heads-up, folks, that the Flensing Factory fees are going to go up at the end of August.

I haven’t done this for several years, so it’s well and truly time to give myself a pay rise!

Any work booked in
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Over at the Place of Mark Barnes: On the Importance of Being Edited (and Editing)

Author's own mess.

Author’s own mess.

The lovely Mr Mark Barnes asked if I’d write a short blog post for him about how important editing is to your work at every stage. I wrote a lot. May contain ranting, but
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Today, there is this …

… I’m putting all my scribbled edits on Hallowmass (the novel formerly known as Brisneyland-By-Night) into the electronic copy. This particular chunk is 14k of the third quarter of the book, and my edits range from
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Sandpaper & Salt

So, Tessa Kum is available to edit your work and her flensing services are second to none. That is all you really need to know. Go here.

Not quite convinced? How about listening to Jeff VanderMeer?

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The Call to Arms Drive-by: Stephen Jones and A Book of Horrors

Painting by Les Edwards

Stephen Jones = sine qua non for a successful horror anthology. A Book of Horrors collects original horror stories and is brought out under the aegis of the new
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An editing tip

I’ve been doing some editing for someone else and I’m reminded yet again of one of the rookie mistakes writers make.

When you’re reading through to find all the repetitions in your text – coz I know y’all do that like good writers – make sure you go to
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