Sandpaper & Salt

So, Tessa Kum is available to edit your work and her flensing services are second to none. That is all you really need to know. Go here.

Not quite convinced? How about listening to Jeff VanderMeer?

“I highly recommend Tessa’s demolition process. I still remember with fondness the 50-pages of profanity. But in all seriousness, she’s the best immersive reader and fiction analyst I know. She has been a first reader for my own novels for the last decade, and they’re much better books because of it. You will get your money’s worth and be a better writer at the end of the process.”

Jeff VanderMeer, multi-award winning author, USA

Or Conrad Williams?

“Tessa Kum has proved to be an invaluable first reader for me. She’s professional, quick and does not beat around the bush when she has a problem with what I’ve written. As a writer herself, she has real empathy, deep understanding and knowledge of genre fiction, and plenty of heart. I recommend her unconditionally.”

Conrad Williams, multi-award winning author, UK

You know it makes sense.

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