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Airing the briefs

Over at Deborah Biancotti’s place, she’s running a series of Blog Briefs on Burnout. Mine is there today, and there’s a great series of wisdoms from clever folk like Karen Miller, Sean Williams, Martin Livings and Tansy Rayer Roberts.

T’is here.

The Ending Drive-by: Deborah Biancotti

Deborah Biancotti is one of Australia’s leading lights in the spec-fic scene. This means her short stories are positively luminous and can also be used to light up dark rooms … of course, the stories themselves are pretty dark (The
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Review of A Book of Endings

My review of Deborah Biancotti’s wonderful A Book of Endings is up over at ASif.

Deborah Biancotti’s first collection of short stories is jaw-droppingly good. Dammit.

These twenty-one stories, some reprints, some shiny and new, spanning the period 2000–2009,
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Oh, Squeeee! At long last: The Twelve Planets

Twelfth Planet Press has announced all their authors for the Twelve Planets series you may have seen me talk about here in the past. I’m so excited about the roll call for this project as it is made of awesome with some fabtastic sauce and glittery sprinkles to
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The Baggage Drive-by: Gillian Polack

Gillian Polack is an Australian hsitorian and writer of fantasy. She is the author of the novel Life Through Cellophane, edited Masques (CSFG) and the new anthology for Eneit Press, Baggage, which contains stories from such luminaries as Kaaron Warren and Deborah Biancotti. She has written fantastic entries for one of the
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The Twelfth Planety Drive-by: Alisa Krasnostein

Alisa Krasnostein is the unsleeping powerhouse that is the engine of Twelfth Planet Press. Really, she doesn’t sleep – email her at any hour of the day or night and she’ll reply. Go ahead. Try it. See? Told ya.

TPP has produced some of
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Australis Imaginarium – cover and pre-ordery goodness

Oooooh, the cover at last. And the order-ish details are here http://fablecroft.com.au/australis-imaginarium/pre-order-australis-imaginarium

Basically, it’s a book of quintessentially Australian fables.

“Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
“Night Heron’s Curse” by Thoraiya Dyer
“Hunter of Darkness, Hunter of Light” by Michael Pryor
“A Pig’s Whisper” by Margo Lanagan
“Stealing Free” by Deborah Biancotti
“Suffer the
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Ditmar Voting

(snurched from Jason Fischer)

Looks like it’s time for Ditmar voting again. As this is the year of AussieCon4, it’s a great chance to showcase some antipodean talent.

Tehani Wessely is compiling a list, checking it twice, for eligible Aussies – it lives here https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhAUWipZqrNWdFljalBZWmJwSnc1cTJVT2s0ZnlMLVE&hl=en_GB#gid=0

It also seems I have four stories eligible:

Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope
The Girl with No Hands

Other awesome
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We’re All Strangers Here: Deborah Biancotti and Baggage

Deborah Biancotti has done the world a favour by writing. She’s won Aurealis Awards and Ditmars.  Her short story collection, A Book of Endings (Twelfth Planet Press), has garnered attention both in Oz and overseas, and has bagged awards and recommendations ad infinitum (Look! Here’s a list http://deborahbiancotti.net/the/press/book_of_endings.htm), and been named on Guru of the Weird, Jeff VanderMeer’s Locus Online
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Australian Shadows Awards

 Belatedly, coz I am still a bit spacey, here are the winners of the 2010 Australian Shadows Awards:

Long Fiction: Kaaron Warren for Slights

Edited Publication: Jennifer Brozek and Amanda Pillar Grants Pass

Short Fiction: Deborah Biancotti for Six Suicides