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The Rampant: Julie C. Day

1. What do new readers need to know about Julie C. Day?

*Need* to know? Probably not a whole hell of a lot. Meeting me in person doesn’t naturally translate into expectations met when you read my fiction! Actually, it definitely doesn’t. I
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Focus 2014 Interviews: Faith Mudge

Today, Brisbane writer Faith Mudge talks about her Focus 2014 tale.

What was the inspiration for your story, Signature?

I was annoyed! I’d been reading a book about books, generally one of my favourite things, but this one
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Maths Not Being My Strong Point …

… I can generally spell, but numbers are not my friends – I find them sneaky and dishonest and unreliable. I don’t care if the Fibonacci Numbers have a cool name. I am, for all intents and  purposes, innumerate.

However, I’ve been pulling the various bits of the novel together – in manner of Frankenstein’s monster – since I drew up the
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