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And so, to procrastination – I mean writing! Yes, writing.

Friday is stretching in front of me and there are a variety of writing tasks to do. And it seems I’m not attracted to any of them. One is a re-write of the Intro to my PhD –
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New feature: a Bestiary

Okay, so my plan is to gradually post entries on the Bestiary page for all the writers who’ve been kind enough/foolish enough to do drive-bys with me. This will be done as wit and time allow. Here’s one I prepared earlier …

The Fluffy Unicorns Drive-by: Peter M. Ball

Peter M. Ball is a Clarion South survivor (i.e. member of the Borg Collective) from 2007. He is the writer responsible for Horn, the novella that ruined fluffy white unicorns for everybody (thankfully!). Its follow-up, Bleed, follows the further misadventures of Miriam Aster as she tries, generally very unsuccessfully, to avoid
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Drive-by Festival

Errrrrrr, I never expected so many people to be so nice and say ‘Yes’ when I asked them to answer random questions.

But they were and they did and they have.

So, as a result: in the lead-up to WorldCon in September, I will now be presenting the Festival of the Drive-bys:
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