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Mythic Journeys: Retold Myths and Legends

Very happy to say I’ve got a reprint in this anthology, “Seeds”, written with Lisa L. Hannett for our mosaic novel Midnight and Moonshine. Mythic Journeys has a gorgeous cover and a most excellent ToC:

“Lost Lake” – Emma Straub and Read more…

A Book of Horrors – Italian Translation

So delighted!! My first translation into Italian – that’s “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter” in there.

A beautiful new Italian limited edition of A BOOK OF HORRORS from Alessandro Manzetti’s Independent Legions Publishing.

Contains stories by: stories by Ramsey Campbell, Peter Crowther, Dennis
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Mail causes Snoopy Dancing

Okay, this is what arrived in this morning’s mail – sorry for the dodgy video (hey, I’m a writer, not a cinematographer), but I wanted to show how gorgeous and special this book is. A Book of Horrors, super-mega-ultra-special edition.


Nightmare Magazine, Issue 7

Rackham''s Bertilda

Rackham”s Bertilda

Issue 7 of Nightmare Magazine is available this week. The schedule is below – including “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”:

This Week’s Story
More Fiction

The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter by Angela Slatter (available on 4/3)
Bonfires by Marc Laidlaw (available on 4/10)
The Bacchae by Elizabeth Hand
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First Book of Horrors review

And what a review! Woot. *snoopy dance*

In the introduction to this collection Stephen Jones makes an impassioned plea to reclaim the horror genre from the gathering hordes of vapid vampires and cliched zombies “for those who understand and appreciate the
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Win a hard cover copy of A Book of Horrors

Okay, so now that this beautiful, disturbing book has been launched at FantasyCon in Brighton last weekend, it’s time to run this competition. T’will run for a week from today.

The all important question is located here – to the right
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A Book of Horrors

Just a reminder that A Book of Horrors will be launched at Fantasy Con
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The Near Zennor Drive-by: Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand was kind enough to do a drive-by a few months back. Now she’s back to answer random horror-related questions. Her contribution to A Book of Horrors, Near Zennor, is one of the
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A Book of Horrors News! A Competition! Special Drive-by Fridays! Otters!

And so, you may have noticed (if you’re especially perspicacious and of a noticing bent – well done, have a jelly baby) another page has been added to this site. Specifically, t’is a site dedicated to A Book
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The Generation Loss Drive-by: Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand has been responsible for some of the most amazing works of literary fantasy in recent years: Generation Loss, Illyria, Mortal Love, Bibliomancy, and Black Light are but a few of her novels. Her short stories are finely crafted,
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