A Book of Horrors News! A Competition! Special Drive-by Fridays! Otters!

And so, you may have noticed (if you’re especially perspicacious and of a noticing bent – well done, have a jelly baby) another page has been added to this site. Specifically, t’is a site dedicated to A Book of Horrors, the new anthology edited by uber-editor, Stephen Jones.

Each Friday a special drive-by from the authors in this book will appear (as if by magic) in the lead-up to the launch of A Book of Horrors at Fantasy Con in September this year. And there will be a competition, with questions from those very drive-bys. So, if you wish to join in and try for a signed copy of the book, then you’ll need to read the drive-bys, won’t you? :mrgreen:

So, for further details, stick around or go to ze special page.




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