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Alan Baxter considers Spectral Press


Snoopy Dancing news

Great news the other day: I finished (at last!) my first piece of fiction since I submitted my brain-shredding PhD. The idea occurred to me about 4 weeks post-PhD but then it took me about 7 weeks to finally get everything on paper and then edited and polished
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The Concrete Drive-by: Gary McMahon

I first read Gary McMahon’s work when I reviewed his Spectral Press novella, What They Hear in the Dark*, and found myself unable to sleep comfortably for a few nights as the nastier side of my imagination had been activated and I thought I
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The Spectral Drive-by: Simon Marshall-Jones

Simon Marshall-Jones, he of the rambling tattooed head, is an editor, publisher, artist, blogger and writer. Not content with this list, he is also a reviewer for Beyond Fiction and BookGeeks. He started Spectral Press not so long ago, earning rave
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Chapbooky Goodness

I’ve just read the first offering from Simon Marshall-Jones’s Spectral Press, What They Hear in the Dark, by Gary McMahon. The blurb goes thusly:

‘Rob and Becky bought the old place after the death of their son, to repair and renovate
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