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Dark Satanic Mills

I’ve got a story in the latest anthology from Black Shuck Books, Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills. You can pre-order it now.

Thanks to Steve Shaw for inviting me and letting me be part of such excellent company.

Here’s the opening
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SQ Magazine Issue 20

SQAnd here is the link to some quality free fiction from Kirstyn McDermott, Gary McMahon, and others including me.


SQ Magazine: Dark Legends of a New Age

SQHere’s the cover rough for SQ Mag 20 (1 May 2015), which is a special edition, ‘Dark Legends of a New Age’, and contains stories from some of my fave peeps! Also one from me.

Bluebeard’s Daughter – Angela Slatter
The Bone Maiden
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Spectral Book of Horrors: Gary McMahon’s Dull Fire

garyThe two main things you need to know about Mr Gary McMahon are that he is disgustingly prolific and disgustingly talented in the creeping-you-out department. Just read The Bones of You, Reaping the Dark, and What They Hear in the Dark and then try sleeping. I dare you. Below, Gary
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The Spectral Book of Horror Stories

spectral-logo-23Very happy to announce that I’ve got a story in this inaugural volume from Spectral Press and edited by the redoubtable Mark Morris!

Look at that ToC!





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Reading Time

wolfAs I finally finished my last edits to Vigil on Thursday night and sent the damned book off to an agent, I’m taking a well-earned rest. Obviously, my brain is totally empty.

So I am refilling it by binge reading. I just finished John Connolly’s
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Tales to Terrify – Harry Markov is in the house

I don’t let too many people take over my blog – okay, I don’t let anyone take over my blog – except today, it’s Harry Markov, one of the eds of the Tales to Terrify anthology (which is
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At the top of the TBR pile …

… is this shiny new anthology, A Season in Carcosa, edited by Joe S. Pulver.

Published by Miskatonic University Press, it contains stories by such leading lights as Allyson Bird, Cate Gardner, Gary McMahon, Simon Stranzas, Laird Barron, Michael Kelly …
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Rough Music

As I work my way through the TBR pile, I’m finally getting to the rest of the Spectral Press chapbooks. The reading for the other night was Simon Kurt Unsworth’s wonderfully strange Rough Music.

There’s a great cadence to
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Writerly advice

Yes! Coz that’s what you want first thing in the morning before the coffee has kicked in! Yes, I KNOW it’s almost 10am, but for me that is first thing in the morning on the weekends – the only sleep-in
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