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Vote! Vote for Lisa L Hannett!

For the Campbell. Lisa’s in her second year of eligibility for the John W Campbell Award for best new writer. She needs your vote. This is her self-effacing post. Ignore the humble-osity: she is awesome. She is one
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The Minimally Facetious Drive-by: Mike Resnick

The Resnick is a science fiction creature, displaying a propensity for accumulating Hugos and Nebulas. Has a marked fondness for cheese blintzes and half to three-quarter naked pirate queens. His publication list must be viewed to be believed and may cause the expression “Holy snapping ducksh*t” to exit the mouth of
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Pre-Hugos Party

Cat Sparks’ (or Sparks’s – there’s been argument on FB) fabulous collection of photos from AussieCon4 live here.

This is my fave – at the pre-Hugos drinks with my friends Aimée Lindorff and Lisa Hannett.

Drive-by:Ellen Datlow

Photo: Based on art by J.K. Potter

Ellen Datlow is one of the leading editors in the spec-fic world. According to her website, she is (currently) tied as the winner of the most World Fantasy Awards in the organization’s history (nine), with frequent co-editor Terri Windling. She has also won Stokers,
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The very kind and talented Aliette de Bodard has put The Chrysanthemum Bride on her list of recommendations for the Hugos. I am humbled and grateful. The rest of her erudite choices are here http://aliettedb.livejournal.com/294659.html

On the Winning of Awards and Prizes

I’ve been hearing a lot of noise lately (for noise, read bleating) from people who’ve not won the competitions they entered or not been short-listed for something or other. The fact that I’m annoyed enough to write this should tell you how often I’m hearing this!

Yes, I understand there is disappointment when you don’t get what you thought you might
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