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The Undead Camel Drive-by: Jason Fischer

Jason Fischer is a Writers of the Future winner, author of the imfamous Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh (in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again), the Apocalyptic novella Gravesend (its follow-up is on the way – huzzah!), and he has just made
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Ditmar Voting

(snurched from Jason Fischer)

Looks like it’s time for Ditmar voting again. As this is the year of AussieCon4, it’s a great chance to showcase some antipodean talent.

Tehani Wessely is compiling a list, checking it twice, for eligible Aussies – it lives here https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhAUWipZqrNWdFljalBZWmJwSnc1cTJVT2s0ZnlMLVE&hl=en_GB#gid=0

It also seems I have four stories eligible:

Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope
The Girl with No Hands

Other awesome
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Honorable Mentions

CoverHuzzah! Queen of the Darkness, Ellen Datlow, has released her Best Horror of the Year, volume two, Honorable Mentions,

Sister, Sister got a mention (Strange Tales III from the glorious Tartarus Press). Peter M Ball’s Horn did too. And Jason Fischer got 3 – count ’em, three! Woooooot!

Other notables include Margo Lanagan, Tansy Rayner Roberts,
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Here's a cartoon I can get behind

Courtesy of my fave Apocalpse advocate, Jason Fischer*. Nice to see no sign of Scrappy – reckon he would have made an excellent stew.

* Note: he also believes Puffins will soon take over the world.

The Coming Dark at IROSF

I did an interview with some of Australia’s up and coming writers, which is now up at IROSF (thank you Stacey Janssen). Funnily enough, the day we finished this was the day the dust storms started and the sun turned red – some of Deb Biancotti’s photos of the apocalypse are there too. Here’s a taste:

The Coming Dark
Australia, as everyone knows,
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A big shout-out to Jason Fischer, who’s just won first prize in the second quarter of the legendary Writers of the Future competition! Previous winners include the even more legendary Sean Williams and the high-impact and exceedingly talented Cat Sparks.

Let there be Snoopy Dancing!


Horning In

HornOh, it was about time I got to make a bad, vague pun about something (Jason Fischer will be proud of me).

Peter Ball’s debut novella Horn has had a sweeeeeeeet review in the September ish of Locus. Rich Horton is frequently a source of good, informative and informed words about short fiction and he is
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NatCon – or What I Did in Adelaide that Didn't Involve Frog Cakes

I arrived a day early, which was great because it meant I got to spend some time with the awesome La Belle Hannett, my fellow Clarionite and the other half of my brain. We found a cafe, Notcoffee (which provided much bacon) and talked; we talked a lot; then we talked a bit more. Her partner Dr Chad had cleverly
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Adelaide is Cold, but my Toe is Not Broken

I am sitting in  a cafe in Adelaide’s Rundle Street, in excellent company: LL Hannett, Peter Ball and Jason Fischer. The company had better be excellet for it is freaking freezing here! We’re all writing, at different speeds, but we are writing (with intermittant yelling of ‘Why have you stopped writing???’). This works well. The second toe on my left
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Have I mentioned …

… the frog cakes?

It’s a month only until I claim the 657 frog cakes in Adelaide that Jason Fischer has promised me.

There may also be some NatCon activity – a programme? Anyone? Oh, and Peter Ball’s novella Horn (Twelfth Planet Press) will be launched.

But mainly, there will be frog
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