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Adelaide Launch: Everything is a Graveyard

If you’re in Adelaide and at a loose end tomorrow afternoon, might I suggest heading along to the launch of Jason Fischer’s new collection Everything Is A Graveyard?


Belatedly, Tuesday

Jason Fischer talks about magpies over at the Hannettorium’s Tuesday Therapy session.

T’is here.

Sunday afternoon listening

I just found out that the interview I did with Ion Newcombe in a dark and cold alley outside the Independant Theatre in Sydney after the Aurealis Awards in May. The bonus is that you also get to
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Another nice surprise …

First advance author copies of the very lovely The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2010, edited by Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene. Publisher Russ had them stashed away and then handed them over to the kids in the candy store last night.

Added: Liz and Talie’s recommended reading list is here – I got 3 mentions, as did Brain, Felicity
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Jason Fischer has exposed my fantasy house for all to see …

Damn him.

Because the world needs more zombies

Ticonderoga Publications has just announced a new collection: that of the inimitable Jason “Everything can be improved by the addition of a zombie” Fischer! Jason is a Writers of the Future winner, a Clarion South survivor
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New Anthology from Coeur de Lion

Coeur de Lion Publishing is bringing out a new anthology of science fiction called Anywhere but Earth. Edited by Keith Stevenson, it will appear late’ish in 2011.

Margo Lanagan ‘Yon Horned Moon’

Richard Harland ‘An Exhibition of the Plague’

Sean McMullen ‘Spacebook’

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The shortlists for this year’s Ditmars have been announced and it’s great to see names like Peter M. Ball, Cat Sparks, Felicity Dowker, Kirstyn McDermott, Jason Fischer et al.

And awesomest of all: three nom-nom-noms for Lisa
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Woot – Honorable Mentions

Ellen Datlow has posted her list of Honorable Mentions and I was lucky enough to get quite a few mentions. Especially happy to have a mention for The February Dragon, the collaboration betwixt moi and Brain. Am also very happy to see mentions for the likes of Robert Shearman, Kaaron Warren, Kirstyn McDermott, Jenny Blackford, Jason Fischer, Felicity Dowker, Dan
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Because I am …

… numerically challenged, I managed to schedule 2 drive-bys simaltaneously. So, today, please enjoy the drive-by stylings of Kelly Link & Gavin Grant and Jason Fischer.