New Anthology from Coeur de Lion

Coeur de Lion Publishing is bringing out a new anthology of science fiction called Anywhere but Earth. Edited by Keith Stevenson, it will appear late’ish in 2011.

Margo Lanagan ‘Yon Horned Moon’

Richard Harland ‘An Exhibition of the Plague’

Sean McMullen ‘Spacebook’

Lee Battersby ‘At The End There Was a Man’

Jason Nahrung ‘Messiah on the Rock’

Angela Ambroz ‘Pyaar Kiya’

Kim Westwood ‘By Any Other Name’

Steve De Beer ‘Psi World’

Robert Hood ‘Desert Madonna’

Cat Sparks ‘Beautiful’

Penny Love ‘Sibo’

Wendy Waring ‘Alien Tears’

Simon Petrie ‘Hatchway’

Jason Fischer ‘Eating Gnashdal’

Robert N Stephenson ‘Rains of la Strange’

Alan Baxter ‘Unexpected Launch’

Chris McMahon ‘Memories of Mars’

Liz Argall ‘Maia Blue is Going Home’

Calie Voorhis ‘Murmer’

Damon Shaw ‘Continuity’

Donna Maree Hanson ‘Beneath the Floating City’

Patty Jansen ‘Poor Man’s Travel’

Tristan Davenport ‘Oak with the Left Hand’

Colum Paget ‘Pink Ice in the Jovian Rings’

Erin Stocks ‘Lisse’

William Wood ‘Deuteronomy’

Steve Cameron ‘So Sad, the Lighthouse Keeper’

Go here for further info.

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