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Kirkus Review

Momentous occasion: my first mention in Kirkus Review!

Especially delightful as this story appears in the wonderful Marie O’Regan’s new Titan anthology, Phantoms.

Phantoms edited by Marie O’Regan is an anthology of (mostly) new ghost stories from the likes of M.R. Carey, Gemma Files,
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Very excited to be going over the proofs for this next anthology from Titan Books, Phantoms, edited by the wonderful Marie O’Regan. Four reprints and fourteen originals, including my “When We Fall, We Forget”.

When We Fall, We Forget – Angela
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So excited to have a story in this anthology edited by the wonderful Marie O’Regan!

Phantoms is out from Titan at Halloween, and is available to pre-order!

The Hidden People: Alison Littlewood

AliLittlewood1SmallAlison Littlewood’s latest novel is The Hidden People, set in Victorian rural society, and is about the murder of a young girl suspected of being a fairy changeling. Her other books include A Cold Season, a Richard and Judy Book
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Vigil in the Wild

CnNXXbjUMAAvxnb.jpg largeThank you, Nicky Strickland for sending me this. This is the culmination of twelve years of effort. Admittedly, I/Vigil feel like Alex the Lion from Madagascar tying to fit in with the locals on the veldt, but I’ll try
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New Short Fiction – Dark Discoveries

ddI’ve got a new short story in the latest Dark Discoveries.

It’s the one with Mr Joe Hill on the cover, and has the theme of War and Apocalypse. You’ll also find:

All new Fiction by: Ann Christy, Nick Mamatas,
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New Nightmare Magazine!

nightmare_44_may_2016The May issue of the most excellent Nightmare has an excellent line up (as it always does, let’s face it).

This month, we have original fiction from Adam-Troy Castro (“The Old Horror Writer”) and Lisa Goldstein (“Sawing”), along with reprints by
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And so, WFC

IMG_1774I figure I’d better write this now while I still have some memory of the events of the trip! First and foremost, I was a plague rat for most of my time in the UK, and the consensus from friends is
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Such stuff as stories are made of

AN elderly Chinese woman has shocked friends and family by growing a devil-like HORN from the top of her head.

The strange growth began appearing on 101-year-old Zhang Ruifang’s forehead last year. 

Since then it has reached more than two inches long — and a matching horn looks to be appearing on the other side.

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Sigh of Disappointment

I got a copy of Joe Hill’s Horns in the mail the other day (great cover). It’s the first thing I’ve read of his and I was looking forward to it … on the upside, I think he’s a better writer than his dad … on the downside, on about p.5 I thought
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