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Happy Easter

Or Passover, or holiday of choice!

I just wanted to share this gorgeous thing from Titan Books. My editor Cath decorated an Easter egg in the style of All the Murmuring Bones.

Good Places

I’m mid-novel at the moment and that means my room (and large chunks of the house) are strewn with cairns of what might be mistaken for rubble, but are in fact the trail of things I’ve been considering one minute, taking in,
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Let’s call this a cover reveal …

Vigil v4 2… so, Vigil is getting around, ARCs are appearing in people’s mailboxes, photos are appearing of these occurrences, and it’s officially made its way onto the Hachette UK website – voila!

This is my cover. I love, love, love it!

It’s available for
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Editing, editing, editing


Exhibit A

I’m editing Vigil, I’m in the homestretch (well, in as much as any novel has a homestretch – when I finish with it it goes to my Alpha Reader, Lisa, then comes back to me to fix). On Wednesday, I
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Mmmm, why yes, my novel does ressemble a dog’s breakfast

So, this is what writing a novel looks like at my place at least.

Whiteboard with insane reminders about structure and what belongs where, periodic flashes of “OMG!”, and basic first principles to (hopefully) keep me on track.

The novel
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Having One of Those Days

Sitting here with my 8 year old nephew, after an afternoon of reading Coraline with him and I’m now getting this from him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbksBk8ZHlQ. Stewie, my hero and nemesis all at the one time.

Maths Not Being My Strong Point …

… I can generally spell, but numbers are not my friends – I find them sneaky and dishonest and unreliable. I don’t care if the Fibonacci Numbers have a cool name. I am, for all intents and  purposes, innumerate.

However, I’ve been pulling the various bits of the novel together – in manner of Frankenstein’s monster – since I drew up the
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Writing Week – The Autopsy

So, here I sit back at work after a week away, doing nothing but writing.

Okay, I lie.

I didn’t just write. I threw temper tantrums. I ate astonishing amounts of choclit and consumed such vast quantities of sugar that for brief periods (before the inevitable sugar crash) I could power
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