Let’s call this a cover reveal …

Vigil v4 2… so, Vigil is getting around, ARCs are appearing in people’s mailboxes, photos are appearing of these occurrences, and it’s officially made its way onto the Hachette UK website – voila!

This is my cover. I love, love, love it!

It’s available for pre-order around the traps as well. It will be in Australian bookstores on or around 12 July. We’ll be having a Brisneyland launch party, too, at a date and time to be disclosed (as soon as I get organised). There’ll be goodie bags for the first 50 folk at said launch to buy a copy of Vigil (she says, optimistically assuming we’ll have 50 people there!).

Then I’ll be in the UK for a large chunk of August – appearing at Nine Worlds in London (12-14 August), the inaugural Dublin Ghost Story Festival (19-21 August), and somewhere in there will be some other London appearances, and a thing in Newcastle for the Novocastria Macabre ‘brand’ of events. And wherever JFB/Hachette UK tell me to go, lo, I shall go.


More details and dates as they come to hand.

Should you be a genuine reviewer of books, please contact the publicity departments of Jo Fletcher Books in the UK or Hachette in Australia and present your bona fides to the lovely peeps there (don’t ask me, I ain’t gots no ARCs).

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