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I really *am* working

No, no, no, I really am working!

I finished off the latest collab with Lisa Hannett, Prohibition Blues, on Friday night (faeries, shoes, werewolves, bayous, tie-pins!). Then last night I finished off Sun Falls (talking head in a box). Today I am going to take a tilt at the novella Ragged Run (oh, too complicated), which follows on from
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The Year in Review – as of 25 March 2010

… so, I was sitting around last night after I’d finally finished tidying up the Afterword for The Girl with No Hands & Other Tales, doing what I usually do which is thinking I’m not doing enough as a writer.

Then the reasonable part of me appeared (she makes occasional cameos) and took stock. She said “Errr, have a think about what you’ve got for
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Good Lord, Where Have I Been?

Struggling, I think.

The deadline to get Brain’s and my pieces in for Steampunk Reloaded was so tight … how tight? It was like trying to shoehorn an elephant into a narrow-fitting stiletto.

Sooo, when we finished and sent it off, the sense of enormous satisfaction lasted about a day … then the sense of “shouldn’t I be writing something really fast
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Oh the Relief

… which sounds like an advert for a heartburn pill, but is not.

It’s the relief of a writer who, having finished up a few projects, has had empty brain and a dose of contentment for a while … and not a creative thought in sight. This is a disturbing phase, when one of the voices in the head starts to
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