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Women’s History Month over at Gillian’s place

Dr Gillian Polack has been running a series of guest posts over on her blog for Women’s History Month. There’s a whole bunch from folk such as Lisa Hannett, Sue Isle and Donna Maree Hanson.

Mine is there today,
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The Nightsiders Drive-by: Sue Isle

WA author Sue Isle is the author of the YA fantasy Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf. She is an Aurealis and Ditmar nominee, as well as an Aurealis winner for Best Fantasy Short Story with “The Woman of Endor”.
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Oh, Squeeee! At long last: The Twelve Planets

Twelfth Planet Press has announced all their authors for the Twelve Planets series you may have seen me talk about here in the past. I’m so excited about the roll call for this project as it is made of awesome with some fabtastic sauce and glittery sprinkles to
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TPP-related Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

TPP has announced the first of the new 2011 special series:

Twelve Planets

12 collections, 12 authors, 12 months

Twelfth Planet Press announces the first collection in the Twelve Planets series to be released in January, 2011.

by Sue Isle

In a future world of extreme climate change, Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, has been abandoned. Most of the state’s citizens were evacuated
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