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Best Font Ever

I don’t know from whence it came originally, but I stole it from Dr Tansy and she got it from Dr Helen Merrick – it comes from Doctors, it must be legit! 😀

Shiny, shiny awards suitable for hand to hand combat

Brain (Lisa L Hannett) and I arrived in Sydney on Friday and promptly indulged in our major vice: ordering room service. We talked until late, then woke up to more room service (What??)

Then we went for a walk
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Swancon Booty

Behold, the reasons why my luggage was so damned heavy on the way back from Perth … in addition to the books in the con showbag … and there may have been some clothing purchased too (shhhhhhh!).

Love and
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Oh, Squeeee! At long last: The Twelve Planets

Twelfth Planet Press has announced all their authors for the Twelve Planets series you may have seen me talk about here in the past. I’m so excited about the roll call for this project as it is made of awesome with some fabtastic sauce and glittery sprinkles to
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The Twelfth Planety Drive-by: Alisa Krasnostein

Alisa Krasnostein is the unsleeping powerhouse that is the engine of Twelfth Planet Press. Really, she doesn’t sleep – email her at any hour of the day or night and she’ll reply. Go ahead. Try it. See? Told ya.

TPP has produced some of
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Driving-By: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Power and Majesty has just burst forth onto the scene … a little like an alien birth but with more sequins and glitter … actually, come to think of
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Ditmar Voting

(snurched from Jason Fischer)

Looks like it’s time for Ditmar voting again. As this is the year of AussieCon4, it’s a great chance to showcase some antipodean talent.

Tehani Wessely is compiling a list, checking it twice, for eligible Aussies – it lives here https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhAUWipZqrNWdFljalBZWmJwSnc1cTJVT2s0ZnlMLVE&hl=en_GB#gid=0

It also seems I have four stories eligible:

Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope
The Girl with No Hands

Other awesome
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The Creature Court is In Session

Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Power and Majesty has been released into the wild. Beautiful cover. Waiting for my copy to arrive *tapping fingers on desk*

Highly Useful Post on Time Management …

… by Maggie Stiefvater (via Tansy Rayner Roberts). I like this post because it’s sensible and it puts responsibility for the writing, or lack thereof, squarely where it belongs – with the writer. Even if you don’t have kids, you can still find ways to waste time and make excuses for not writing
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Casting of the Pod

Twelfth Planet Press haz podcasts:

Episode 1 – “One Saturday Night With Angel” by Peter M Ball from Sprawl, read by Nick Evans
Episode 2 – “Language Lessons” by Patti Kurtz from Shiny Issue 6, read by Tehani Wessely
Episode 3 – “Yowie” by Thoraiya Dyer from Sprawl, read by Tansy Rayner Roberts 

You can subscribe here http://girliejones.livejournal.com/1587122.html