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Joining the Twitterverse

In a decision I may live to regret, I have joined the League of World-wide Twits.

Peter M. Ball predicts it will set off some kind of Doom Apocalypse – or at least a chorus from Mental as Anything’s Apocalypso – I cannot say with certaintly that he is wrong.

Follow me, if ye dare: @AngelaSlatter

Ps: the other half of the Brain
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Will my publisher be my publisher forever?

I’ve been doing some mentoring for a few new writers and find myself passing on information that I am surprised isn’t basic knowledge. Then I remind myself that I worked in a writers’ centre for three years, so what I
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“The Web Means the End of Forgetting”

Or maybe it just means you need to be more circumspect about what you put out there on the t’intertubes. Always keep in mind that your LJ entries, Facebook statuses, webpages, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc, are
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Don't Try This at Home – or Anywhere Else

Is Twitter the new way for people to make bad decisions in public? We’ve learned as a t’intertubed society not to feed trolls and not to email/text drunk. Now the new lesson is: don’t twitter angry, Alice Hoffman (there’s a Groundhog Day joke in there somewhere – although I suspect groundhogs lack the opposable thumb required to hold the phone). An ill-thought
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