Joining the Twitterverse

In a decision I may live to regret, I have joined the League of World-wide Twits.

Peter M. Ball predicts it will set off some kind of Doom Apocalypse – or at least a chorus from Mental as Anything’s Apocalypso – I cannot say with certaintly that he is wrong.

Follow me, if ye dare: @AngelaSlatter

Ps: the other half of the Brain has also joined – @LisaLHannett

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4 Responses to Joining the Twitterverse

  1. Apocalypsoooooo, it’s a special dance. Apocalypsoooo, tell me why you’re trying to wipe the smile of Santa’s fa-aaaaaace……

    Ball is a prophet….

  2. Angela Slatter says:

    Yes. A prophet of dooooooom.

  3. I think John Birmingham actually has some software that ill prevent access to twitter for a set period of time so he can get work done – might be worth checking out 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    Sounds like a very good idea!