Popty ping, your Fry is ready

Thanks to you, Mr Fry, I now know about the ‘popty ping’.

Last night’s QI was wonderful.

I think we got the pick of the Australian comedians on the panel last night – Wil Anderson (I think you’re quite hot, Wil, but please don’t wear skinny jeans) and Colin Lane (HA = highly amusing). The only woman on the panel – Genevieve Morris, whom we all know and love as Barbara from Bank World – would have done a whole lot better if she’d spent more time being funny and less time trying to reassure everyone as to the fact she was an actress. And not annoying Mr Fry. That would have been better, not annoying the smartest man on the planet and the heir to Peter Ustinov’s throne.

Alan Davies was an anarchic, slightly potty, over-grown school boy and enormously funny (complete with bogan checked shirt). There’s a good chance we’ll be heading along to his show at the Tivoli.

And Mr Fry … Mr Fry was Mr Fry and fabulous. Brain the size of a planet, wonderful raconteur, lovely accent even when swearing, appalling tie, dreadful shirt, utterly delightful man … and did I mention brain the size of a planet? His opening bit of stand-up used some oldies but goodies and set a great tone for the evening. All together worth the ENORMOUS ticket price.

I particularly liked the slide show while we were all waiting for things to kick off, filled with many, many interesting facts and three typos that I counted (really? Typos? On QI? Really?). Significant Other was reading them madly and tucking the trivia away so I know they will be brought out a later date.

Caught up with lovely old friends Bob and Vet.

All around an excellent evening had by all.

To Fry, and beyond! 

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8 Responses to Popty ping, your Fry is ready

  1. Alan says:

    Still so jealous!

    Also, there’s a typo in your bit about typos. 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Well, of coarse their iz :-PPPP

  3. Sounds marvellous and I am constructed entirely of envy. Consoling myself with the fact that I SHALL be seeing Mr Davies when he tours this-a-way. An adventure to be followed shortly thereafter by seeing Mr Izzard.

  4. Angela says:

    Ah, Mr Izzard!!

  5. Rob says:

    Agree on all counts.

    Our two main guests certainly lived up to expectations (which were very high on my part). And yes, the shirt and tie should be killed with fire. 😉

    As for the Aussies, as Lano started to slip in the comedy stakes, Wil warmed up, which was heartening. If I had a dollar for each time Barbara from Bank World mentioned ‘theatre’ or ‘actress’, I could have recouped the cost of the tickets. Yvette and I both murmured ‘It’s not all about you, dear’ more than once.

    btw – We were fixing up the typos at the start too. Would love the program (I believe it would have been organised by computers) that ordered the facts based on a random key word from the previous fact. I know that is nerdism kicking into gear, but I believe that’s okay, given the night.

    It was fantastic to catch up! 😀

  6. 😀 And you guys were the last of the batch of school teachers produced who could spell. Nowadays they don’t know their arts from elmos.

  7. Ian Golledge says:

    Yes, very jealous. I’ve been walking around town all week keeping an eye out for Mr Fry.