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Both distressing and depressing

I’ve run the gamut of emotions about this – most of them elicited profanity.

Why take away a magazine from a super successful editor?

File this under WTF.


On how to give a reading

One of the things I spoke to the One Book Many Brisbanes mentees about last weekend was the importance of learning how to do a reading in public. Things like practice, realising that what looks lovely on the page doesn’t
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The Bonus Drive-by: Ann VanderMeer

Ann VanderMeer is an award-winning editor and publisher (Buzz City Press) – but then, who doesn’t know that? She’s also married to Jeff VanderMeer, the award-winning writer and editor. The world has them to thank for such tomes as Steampunk,
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A Flying Monkey Drive-by: Aidan Doyle

Aidan Doyle is a Clarion South 2009 survivor. Quotes for which he will be remembered are: “Bears are my unicorns”, “The zombies didn’t work for me from a programming perspective”, and “Needs more monkeys”. He is a traveller, writer, computer programmer and is publishing new stories at a rate of
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Have you seen this cover? Weird Tales rocks the house.

The Bluegrass Symphony Drive-by: L L Hannett

Lisa Hannett survived Clarion South in 2009 (inspite of my cooking), and in the eighteen months or so since she’s published stories in (but not restricted to) Clarkesworld, Fantasy Magazine, Chizine, Weird Tales, ONSPEC, Midnight Echo, Scary Kisses, and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s Steampunk Compendium. She is also working on
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Your Bookshelf Requires …

… The Third Bear by Jeff VanderMeer. It contains one of my favourite stories involving talking rabbits and Ariel Berg at the Sacramento Book Review says (among other things):

Lushly imaginative and thick with atmosphere, the meanings prove elusive while the stories brim with emotions, ranging from horror, alienation, and sorrow to humor, curiosity, and love.  VanderMeer’s stories are provocative marvels
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