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Review of Australian Fiction

RAF_VOL9_ISS_3Today is a good day! The latest issue of The Review of Australian Fiction is out.

It contains Linda Brucesmith’s elegant and haunting “Pale Street” – she is an up and coming author and she is very, very good.

It also
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I love you, Random Alex

9781921857300-arc-cover11-200x300The lovely Alex of Randomly Yours, Alex has posted a most wonderful review of Midnight and Moonshine. And it made me cry, just a little, coz I’ve felt that our gorgeous book, over which Lisa and I lavished such love and attention
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The Alternative Typewriter dissects “The Chrysanthemum Bride”


“The Bride” by Mac Tuyet

Haralambi Markov looks at my story “The Chrysanthemum Bride”, which first appeared at Fantasy Magazine in 2009.

A snippet:

“The Chrysanthemum Bride” gives Slatter the necessary setting and platform to examine the unsavory
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Letters to Lovecraft: A billet-doux from Stone Skin Press

Stone Skin Press have announced a new anthology – and a teasing tantalising portion of the ToC – Letters to Lovecraft.

The stories all take Old Sad Face’s seminal essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature” as their starting point. ‘The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of
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Area X Marks the Spot: Welcome to the Southern Reach

annihilationoneAnnihilation, the first book of the Southern Reach trilogy and Jeff VanderMeer’s first novel in four years, is in barnstorming mode to say the least. You can purchase it here (you know you want to).

The story so far:

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New words for the Tallow-Wife collection

Rossetti's Jane Morris looks about right

Rossetti’s Jane Morris looks about right

Now that I’ve sent the last story for our collection back to Lisa, I can return to The Tallow-Wife stories.

I have one scene left to
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Bookshelf Consolidation

1622030_10151937457747304_943120332_nMy bookshelves are in a bit of disarray at the moment, still having not been sorted out two and a half years after I moved in with the Tech Support Badger. So I took some time this morning to
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That feeling …

catskin… the day after you’ve spent five full days editing a novel you’ve been working on for a very long time … and you let it go off to the Alpha Reader … and you are certain that you should probably
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Editing, editing, editing


Exhibit A

I’m editing Vigil, I’m in the homestretch (well, in as much as any novel has a homestretch – when I finish with it it goes to my Alpha Reader, Lisa, then comes back to me to
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Happiness in the mail

1012292_10151925992162304_632005757_nIt’s always a happy day when books arrive at The Bones Remember Everything. It’s an even happier day when the books are from Tartarus Press. But when it’s Tartarus Press books in which I have a story?

Ticker tape parade,
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