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Free ebook giveaway of Some of the Best from Tor.com

some-of-the-best-of-tordotcomWith stories by Charlie Jane Anders, Laurie Penny, N.K. Jemisin, and more!

Tor.com are very excited to offer a free download of the 2016 edition of Some of the Best from Tor.com, an anthology of 25 of our favorite
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Area X Marks the Spot: Welcome to the Southern Reach

annihilationoneAnnihilation, the first book of the Southern Reach trilogy and Jeff VanderMeer’s first novel in four years, is in barnstorming mode to say the least. You can purchase it here (you know you want to).

The story so far:

Annihilation is
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Meanwhile, over at Clarkesworld …

… the lovely Jeremy L C Jones talks to the equally lovely Lisa L Hannett …

In Bluegrass Symphony, Lisa L. Hannett writes of a place that is, perhaps, somewhere (or nowhere) in the rural
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Both distressing and depressing

I’ve run the gamut of emotions about this – most of them elicited profanity.

Why take away a magazine from a super successful editor?

File this under WTF.


Steampunk Reloaded

Now the site is back on its legs, I give you this.


Have you seen this cover? Weird Tales rocks the house.

Your Bookshelf Requires …

… The Third Bear by Jeff VanderMeer. It contains one of my favourite stories involving talking rabbits and Ariel Berg at the Sacramento Book Review says (among other things):

Lushly imaginative and thick with atmosphere, the meanings prove elusive while the stories brim with emotions, ranging from horror, alienation, and sorrow to humor, curiosity, and love.  VanderMeer’s stories are provocative marvels
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Stuff I got in the mail today

It was all good.

Goodness the First: The latest London Review of Books – hard to beat for the essays. Clever, beautifully written, informed. Warning: can cause thinking.

Goodness the Second: Nice letter from Jeff VanderMeer – has squid on his letterhead! Cool. And photos. And stuff! And ‘hello’ from Ann. And a drawing of the 3 VanderMeerCats. Much coolness.

Goodness the Third:
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