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Awards Season

The art is by Kathleen Jennings and it’s here purely coz you should always look at at by Kathleen Jennings

Well, I guess it’s time to repost the post that upsets people: The Awards Don’t Matter Post. This was
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How To Be A Writer

Art by Kathleen Jennings as always

So I was supposed to be answering interview questions, but for some reason I wrote this. Everyone’s experience and advice will be different, but this is mine.[1].


A writer writes (Thanks, Throw Momma
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On Awards – again

The Aurealis shortlists are out and it’s all very exciting, but I’d like to refer back to a post I made not long ago – just for a bit of perspective. http://angelaslatter.com/2009/10/15/on-the-winning-of-awards-and-prizes/

Yes, I’m excited about being shortlisted. It’s very nice to be on the list. But it won’t make me a better or worse writer if I win or lose.
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On the Winning of Awards and Prizes

I’ve been hearing a lot of noise lately (for noise, read bleating) from people who’ve not won the competitions they entered or not been short-listed for something or other. The fact that I’m annoyed enough to write this should tell you how often I’m hearing this!

Yes, I understand there is disappointment when you don’t get what you thought you might
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