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Echoes of Empire: Mark Barnes

mark_t_barnesThe delightful and talented Mr Mark Barnes was kind enough to chat with me about his Echoes of Empire trilogy and a wide variety of other stuff. He is most excellent and has three rescue cats, Odin, Sif and Frey.
What do readers
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Grimm Goldfish

Happy to report that the two stories up at the lovely Goldfish Grimm are by two of my Clarion South 09 mates, Suzanne Willis and Aidan Doyle.

The Faerie Tailor” and “The Executioner’s
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The Runes of Odin Drive-by: Ben Julien

Ben Julien is an ex-Brisbane boy and writer, now Canberra transplant. He’s also a dad, a Clarion South survivor and the author of the Runes Saga (of which you can read an extract here). He blogs over
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The Tender Drive-by: Margo Lanagan

What can I possibly say about Margo Lanagan that you don’t already know? At Clarion South, she referred to me as a ‘witch’, and it was a compliment. She has been My Queen ever since. Margo
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Scheherazade’s Drive-by: Angie Rega

Angie Rega was one of the highlights of my Clarion South experience in 2009. She’s bright, funny, generous and is a very talented writer. Her imagination is dynamic, fertile and sparkling, and her writing is informed by a genuine
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A Drive-by from The 'Gong: Cat Sparks

Cat Sparks is an award-winning writer and editor, talented photographer and graphic designer, and owner of THREE cats – and author Robert Hood :-). She was one of the inaugural Clarion South grads in 2007, a Writers of the Future winner, and has a small but significant pyramid in her
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Bonus Drive-by: Laura Goodin

Laura Goodin is an American living in Australia, but it shouldn’t be held against her. She’s a Clarion South survivor from 2007 and has the tribal tattooing to prove it. She blogs over here and writes, writes, writes and has published in journals as varied as WetInk, ASIM,
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Tiny Drops

Here’s something I’m very happy to post: the new Midnight Echo is out, guest edited by Lee Battersby … and containing a creepy story I lurve. L L Hannett’s Tiny Drops is seeing the light of day … the kicking the proverbial out of the light of day and stealing its wallet.

This story started out at Clarion South in 09
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The Duke of Vertumn's Fingerling is over at Strange Horizons

A wondrous-strange story by Elizabeth Carroll (of my Clarion South 09 class) is now out in the world. Go. Look.

After I opened my eyes they dressed me in silk. A bone-white gown slipped over my head and I raised my arms for it like a child. With my hair undone, I must have looked like a bride. I was nothing
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Reading by Numbers


Must. Mention. This. Story.

Reading by Numbers by my fellow Clarionite, Aidan Doyle, is over at Fantasy Magazine.

This story has a higher IQ than I do.